Once the Temporary Job Order Request Form has been received, a search to meet departmental needs is activated.  This includes:
  1. Contacting potential temps, describing position and pay rate, and confirming availability for assignment
  2. Scheduling an initial meeting with hiring manager 
Although Panther Temps does not allow temporary employees to take advantage of benefits, like health insurance or paid time off, it does offer many other benefits. As a Panther Temps, you gain University experience that has enabled many temporary employees to obtain regular employment within the University. Panther Temps also have the benefit of working in a wide variety of departments while gaining extensive and diverse knowledge of the University. 
Since Panther Temps is not the traditional external temporary agency, things work a little differently. Panther Temps assignments are never temp-to-perm; however, many Panther Temps are often selected for the regular position after applying, interviewing and proving themselves to be the most qualified candidate through the application process.
If you are ineligible for employment with Georgia State University as a regular employee, you are not eligible to work as a Panther Temp.
If you are not happy on your current assignment, please call the Panther Temps office to discuss alternatives. Panther Temps are discouraged from “walking off” an assignment. If the conditions are unbearable, immediately contact the Panther Temps office at (404)-413-3270.
The Panther Temps Office is responsible for disciplinary action. Please contact the Panther Temps office immediately if any questions or concerns arise.
Yes. You may interview for regular employment positions.
Panther Temps wanting to end an assignment early should notify the Panther Temps Office at least 2-5 business days in advance (see Section 3000). This is as a courtesy to the Panther Temps office and the department the Panther Temps serves.
Yes. Panther Temps are allowed to purchase a Budget Card (discounted parking) or discounted Marta cards from Auxiliary Services. Please contact the Panther Temps office.
Once a candidate has successfully completed his/her interview, skills demonstration, and a criminal and credit background check has been returned, the candidate is now considered “Active.” Candidates deemed ineligible will be notified either by e-mail or U.S. Postal Services. All assignments through the Panther Temps Program are temporary; the Panther Temps Office cannot guarantee continuous work assignments or regular classified employment at the end of any temporary employment period.  Panther Temps assignments are on a need basis and continue at the discretion of the hiring manager.  Applicants are chosen for assignments based on the request of the department and the skills, knowledge and availability of the Panther Temps.  The Panther Temps Program Specialist will contact applicants if there is a match for an assignment. Panther Temps assignments do not guarantee full-time or regular employment with Georgia State University. A Panther Temps must apply for any positions of interest as a regular applicant by submitting requested materials to the Employment Office through PPRTS, the online applicant tracking system.  Panther Temps employees are not regular employees of Georgia State University and are, therefore, not eligible to accrue vacation or sick leave, participate in benefits programs, and are not eligible to apply for positions posted as “internal only.”