For Hiring Managers

When you need a quick employee backfill or heavy workload help, Panther Temps provides you and your department at Georgia State University with the ability to rapidly fill the position with a qualified and affordable professional to help out.

Panther Temps sources excellent qualified candidates for seasonal or long-term assignments.

“PantherTemps candidates are credentialed, professionally qualified, personable and compassionate about establishing working relationships. I highly recommend PantherTemps to take care of any departmental hiring needs.” – Prenchelle Billue, Administrative Coordinator, Institutional Research Department

The Panther Temps Work Group is your resource to find the right person for your open position. We add value to the University by:


  • GSU is Our Only Client: Panther Temps works only for Georgia State University, “your priority is ours too”. We understand Georgia State’s hiring needs and work environment
  • Staffing on Campus: Panther Temps is right here on campus to work with you “hand in hand”
  • Compliance Monitoring: Panther Temps monitors hours and regulations for you as well as insuring all temps are properly assessed and background checked
  • Cost Efficient: Outside staffing vendors charge between 30%-80% on top of pay rate
  • Partnership: We work closely with you to find the “right” person
  • Efficient: Panther Temps takes on all the sourcing responsibilities
  • Opportunity: Provides your department with the ability to evaluate the temporary employee
  • Flexibility: Panther Temps can help you fill immediate needs quickly
  • Replacement Guarantee: We work to find you a temp employee within 24-48 hours

To Start Your Search:

Hire a Panther Temp now! Just submit the job order request form and submit to the Panther Temps Office.

    Job Order Request Form 

  • Once the Temporary Job Order Request Form has been received, a search to meet departmental needs is activated. This includes:
  • Contacting potential temps, describing position and pay rate, and confirming availability for assignment
  • Scheduling an initial meeting with hiring manager